Audioguide : Dzaoudzi Rock

This audioguide, available in four languages (French, Shimaore, Kibushi and English) was developed in the context of multimedia artist Christine Coulange/Sisygambis residency with the Cultural Affairs of Mayotte 2016-2018. It was made in collaboration with the MUMA- Musée de Mayotte, the CUFR (the University Center of Mayotte) and its students, the SHIME association, Archives départementales de Mayotte, the IHOI (Historical Picture Library of the Indian Ocean), Mayotte 1ère and the Paris 8-CréaTIC program. Its conception has been subject to a workshop at the CUFR with the students in march 2018. A first draft of the audioguide was created during an initial workshop on multi-media writing, “Le Rocher, mon histoire, ma parole” at the MuMa- Musée de Mayotte with Sisygambis in July 2017. The film and the music created during the workshop are available for viewing on this audioguide, Stop 3: MuMa- Musée de Mayotte.

Detailed credits can be found as a video in stop 3 MuMa-Musée de Mayotte.