Sisygambis signed 4 audiovisual works for the grand exhibition “ Aventuriers des mers, de Sindbad à Marco Polo ”, at the Institut du monde arabe (Paris) from November 15th, 2016 to February 26th, 2017 and at the MuCEM (Marseille) from June 7th to October 9th 2017.

at the MuCEM

After its success at the Institut du monde arabe in Paris, the exhibition “ Aventuriers des mers ” (Sea Adventurers) with Sisygambis continued its journey to Marseille at the MuCEM. Whereas the Institut du monde arabe centered its topics on the intense relations between Arabs and the sea, the MuCEM highlights the ancient history of trades between the Mediteranean Sea and the Indian Ocean. It is right there, inbetween these two contrasted locations, that took place one of the most torrific human adventure that lead and built our kind to what it is today.

at the Institut du monde arabe