The journey of a life
Exhibitions, Installations, performances, movies, workshops.

Everything in Sisygambis’s artistic approach operates in an extension of multimedia art through exploring, new encounters and sharing, creating while developing new boundaries between traditions and technology. Willing to associate numeric arts with worldwide traditional cultures, Christine Coulange and Nchan Manoyan founded Sisygambis in 1989. Travelling from one country to another, the duo of video directors/musicians collect songs and musics, document rituals, but also gather testimonies and the day-to-day practices of the people that cross their paths.

Since 2009 and the passing of Nchan Manoyan, Christine Coulange is the artistic director of Sisygambis and the adventure goes on with her collaborators. Along the Silk Road, she develops “De la Méditerranée à l’océan Indien” ( “from the Mediterranean sea to the Indian ocean”) a multi and transmedia project which explores several forms of techniques and interactions
(video & music immersive installations, exhibitions, performances, interactive webdocumentaries…)

Nowadays in the South

Sisygambis now heads south, with a collaboration with the Institut du monde arabe (Arab World Institute) in Paris - the development of the webdocumentary “Les Ports, de la Méditerranée à l’océan Indien” ( “Ports, from the Mediterranean sea to the Indian ocean”), and the showing of 4 short films in the exhibition “Aventuriers des mers”, an Arab World Institute and the MUCEM (Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations) in Marseille coproduction.

Since Autumn 2016, Sisygambis is also in a 3-years residency in Mayotte,
thanks to the support of the french Head of Cultural Affairs of the island,
developing a webdocumentary paired to a collaborative multilingual plateform that includes the regional overseas languages. The prototype was exhibited in october 2016 at the Humanisme Numérique symposium in Paris and at the European Heritage Days in Mayotte.

The documentary short and the workshop “La couleur des mots” were also shown at the National Theater La Criée in Marseille for the grand opening of the “Printemps de la Francophonie”. In 2015, the Vivid Festival in Sidney and Melbourne came bursting in on big screens, in the city centers, and “People from the Indian ocean”, a concentrate of 6mn of rare images shot in 15 years time on the Silk road and the Indian ocean.
The same year, the multimedia exhibition “J’irai jusqu’à Zanzibar” (“I will go all the way to Zanzibar”) is presented and embedded to the permanent collection of the Rimbaud Museum in Charleville-Mézières.

In 2013, during the MP 2013 Event (Marseille-Provence Cultural Capital of 2013), the first creations born from 7 years of researches on the Silk Road emerge at the Villa Méditerranée and at the Friche Belle de mai, in Marseille.

Along the Silk Road

Video makers, music compositors, Nchan Manoyan and Christine Coulange go on expeditions, always further, to the East, through wars and prohibitions, from Marseille to Shanghai. As a testimony, they create, and leave their pieces of arts in several festivals and events : Nemo at the Centre Georges Pompidou, Festival international du film in La Rochelle, 38e rugissants in Grenoble, Les Musiques / GMEM in Marseille.
In 2005, Sisygambis won the Mobius France price for multimedia creation for its installation “La route de la Soie” (“The Silk Road”)

Christine Coulange works with a worldwide network of artists, and the creations of Sisygambis are to be programmed in numerous festivals and museums, in France and abroad. She knows that this lifejourney draws it strength from the politic and artistic determination Nchan Manoyan and herself have lived on and developed altogether, starting before the collapse of the Berlin wall, during their wild concerts in the cold eastern lands.